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Baptism in 2020

Almost all the inhabitants of Russia know about Baptism and such a wonderful action as entering an ice hole. Although, probably, all believers are aware of the Christian tradition. The hole cut in the shape of a cross is called the Jordan, and this baptismal ceremony takes place in January. Despite the severe frost, the late hour and fear of the icy elements, people enthusiastically immerse themselves in Jordan to feel renewed.

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New Chevrolet 2019-2020 years

Chevrolet produces cars of various classes - from budget to flagship options. The sale of cars of this brand is carried out in more than 130 countries of the world, and in order to increase the number of sales and maintain popularity, the company constantly carries out a scheduled update of cars. New Chevrolet 2019-2020 years are already gradually appearing on sale, so it's time to find out which models affected the update.

2020 tax calendar: deadlines

Tax calendar 2020 is the chief assistant accountant to control the provision of reporting documents and payment of fees. It is formed on the basis of the requirements specified in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, additional acts and regulatory documents that approve adjustments to the current legislation.

2020 Movies

The film industry does not stand still, and therefore new films, both domestic and foreign, are released every year. What new movies of 2020 are planned, what can and will need to be watched, each one can individually decide for himself. A brief overview of all the expected premieres of 2020 is presented in a material from which you will learn all the latest news about the plot, cast and exact release dates of premiere films in Russia.

Russia's foreign economic policy until 2020

The toughening of global competition and the negative impact of sanctions are the main factors that will determine Russia's foreign economic policy until 2020. It is already obvious that the current strategy, based mainly on increasing energy exports, may not justify itself, as it will not contribute to strengthening the country on the world stage.

Fashion trends fall-winter 2019-2020

Every year, famous designers present updated collections of fashionable clothes for women. Despite the fact that many trends of future seasons are very different from previous ones, in general, a certain trend continues. In the collections for the cold season, there are softer colors and shades, and fabrics for outerwear become heavier.

Final essay on literature 11th grade 2020

On the way to the finish line in the form of the USE, in December graduates will have to write a final essay on literature for the 11th grade of 2020. Passing this preliminary stage of the GIA is a prerequisite for admission to exams. What can be said in general about the procedure, whether any changes appeared or not, what to look for - we will consider in detail.

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Renovation in Perovo in 2017-2020

The renovation program 2017-2020 involves improving the living conditions of Muscovites who live in outdated houses, by relocating them to new houses with an improved layout. Old buildings will be demolished. According to the latest news, the list of objects of the renovation project, which are primarily to be demolished, includes houses in Perovo.

What will be the pensions in 2020 in Russia and the retirement age

When a person approaches a certain age limit, the state is ready to take on obligations for its maintenance. After all, an elderly citizen is not able to continue working, it is necessary to provide him with a cash allowance. Such a payment has long been called a pension, and has a number of features to receive.

Salad in the form of a Rat for the New Year 2020

Next year's patroness will be the White Metal Rat. Some housewives will have a problem, how best to please her and make an original New Year's menu. Indeed, it depends on how successful the future period will be. Salad in the form of a Rat for New Year 2020 will surely appeal to the new totem.

New 2018-2019 Hyundai

The leading position in the sale of cars is held by the South Korean company Hyundai, which has become famous all over the world due to the production of high-quality, comfortable and affordable cars. To maintain its status, the concern regularly releases new Hyundai cars. We know together which new models 2019-2020 model year from Hyundai will be available on the Russian market.

Skating rinks in Moscow 2019-2020

Skating rinks in Moscow 2019-2020 will open in late autumn and will function throughout the winter. The start of ice rinks is eagerly awaited by children and adults. Skating rinks in Moscow are available to everyone. Among hundreds of places you can choose paid and free offers. You can attend events both with your skates and without them.

Nativity of Christ in 2020

Since ancient times, Christmas has been celebrated throughout the world. He is loved and expected not only by believing Christians, but also by children who cannot imagine the New Year holidays without a Christmas tree and gifts. The second most important Christian holiday. Appeared in the II century AD in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. It began to be celebrated in our country since the X century.

Rating of Moscow schools for 2019-2020

Since 2011, the Moscow Department of Education has been monitoring the work of school institutions in the capital to make a list of the best of them. The ranking of Moscow schools for 2019-2020 is designed to help potential students and their parents choose their “alma mater." In turn, each school receives an additional incentive to develop and improve the quality of the knowledge provided.

Military sanatoriums of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2020

Security officials and pensioners can go on vacation and treatment to the military sanatoriums of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2020 - in the fall, applications for granting preferential vouchers will begin. Vouchers to sanatorium complexes throughout the country According to the current legislation, each soldier receives a certain package of social benefits guaranteed by the state.

New 2020 auto models in Russia

At the beginning of 2019, at international exhibitions, many automakers announced their new and restyled models. But some of them will appear in domestic salons only in 2020. For example, the long-awaited Volkswagen Polo and Jetta 7. You will also have to wait a bit for the Mercedes GLS, Toyota Highlander and Subaru Outback.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for New Year 2020

New Year's Eve for all is the most long-awaited and special event. Holidays promise not only long vacations, but also many interesting events. Preparations for the celebrations begin long before the event. A lot of work needs to be done, starting from the acquisition of gifts and the preparation of delicious treats to decorating the home.

New 2018 Audi models

For more than a century, the automobile brand from Ingolstadt has been telling us: “Listen!” - and, as is typical, we not only listen, but also listen. To recommendations, new trends, news about revolutionary developments. Once Volkswagen, having bought it, did not strangle Audi's individuality, simply dividing the market into areas of interest: for itself - mass, economy and unification, for a commodity - sportiness, luxury and power.

All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren 2019-2020

The All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren (VOSH) or Vseros has long acquired much greater importance than testing knowledge or identifying the best minds in the student community. About 6 million schoolchildren participate annually in the Olympiad movement - this is a huge number! Winning the Olympics is an honor, it is a successful start.